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Monday, January 19, 2015

Writing Exercise Part 2

Well we are back again.  It's about time.  I was beginning to wonder if we would ever get back to writing since we had the breakthrough and found out the information about what's going on.  What too you so long?  Hmm?  Well I've been wait a minute.  What are you going on about?  You were there and you know how busy things have been.  Leave me be and I will explain what's going on.  Deal?  I guess so.  Deal.

As I was starting to say, we are back again and we have some new updates as to what was missing in the last post.  We found out that the person is Tobias Kefer.  He lives a little over a mile away from the edge of this cliff in a nice two story log cabin house.  The house is in a very deciduous forest full of pines, cedars, spruce and many other evergreens.  The forest of trees goes from the edge of the cliff several miles in all directions away from the coast and along the coast.  Due to the forest and it's location his house is well hidden and hardly ever visited.  He likes his isolation, but does go down to the nearest port for supplies occasionally.  The port is the only one on the south side of this land and it's called Kuraba.  In the bay of Sactickph on the southern side of the land.

That's a strange name.  So is the guys name.  Whoever heard of the name Tobias or Sactickph?  Where did you come up with these names? Hmm?  Well if you must know?  Yes I must know this is getting a little strange. I did the research while you were away so don't give me any lip!  Do you hear me?  Yes, but...But nothing.  You were out and I found out about the port, its name and his name and the rest of the information.  If you weren't out then you would know this too and not be questioning me about it.  Now would you?  No, I guess I wouldn't.  So let me tell what's going on and if you want you can do some more of the research next time.  Fine.

We are currently facing east and watching the sunrise over the ocean, which is one of his favorite things to do in the morning.  Get out to the cliff edge before the sun comes up and watch it rise from his view point on the top of the tree.  The rock/boulder will have to stay a mystery as we have yet to ascertain the reason, origin and how it got to be there.  But since there are storm clouds out there they are slowly swallowing up the sunrise and creating some very red skies right now.  The ship appears to be either trying to outrun the storm clouds, which are brandishing the occasional lightning or it's bring the storm right along with it.  Pulling it along you might say.  The storm clouds are definitely following the ship in to land fall.  From what I could make out the ship is a sloop/schooner with a 5 man crew.

Tobias is climbing down from the tree and taking his leave of the scene to head back the way he came.  Home.  It's time to break his fast and continue his day.  A ship and storm clouds are of no importance to him or have any bearing on his day.  He lives alone and likes it that way.  He is planning to head to the port in a few days for more supplies, but other than that he is going about his business as usual.

Well are you satisfied with the results of my research?  Yes it was satisfactory.  When will we know more and what else is there?  I 'm not sure right now, but I do believe there will be more to come soon.