Sketch of My Blog

Our Journey in Life is more than we allow it to be.
We must all Be Ourselves to really enjoy what's all around us.
Take hold and learn from Life and Others.

I Follow the Way of Jesus.

About Me

Hello Sojourner and Welcome to this Blog/Site.

This is a little bit about me.  I am married to a wonderful wife.  We have a wonderful son.  Overall I have a fairly good life.  I am practicing and playing Hammered Dulcimer.  My full time job is a Computer Technician and it is my occasional side job as people need work done for them.  I sometimes work on a website for fun. 

Sometimes that is for me and sometimes it is for others.  I have found that playing my Hammered Dulcimer is a great pastime and a wonderful stress reliever.  Spending time with my wife is the best stress reliever.  Playing with my son is also a wonderful stress reliever.  My family and I like to travel, when we can afford it and when it is something fun, especially.  We like to Hike trails and enjoy nature.  GOD has really given us a beautiful planet to live on and we try to enjoy it as often as possible.

I'm glad that you found your way here.  I may rant and rave on occasion, but it should be rare.  I am hoping that here you can feel safe to express yourself with some amount of civility and also that we can discuss almost everything.  This about a Pilgrims's Journey through Life.

I am a Follower of Christ Jesus My Lord and Savior.  Jesus alone is my guide on this Pilgrim's Journey through the life we are given.