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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Writing Exercise

Why exactly am I doing this?  'Cause I need to develop my writing and it's a good...Wait a minute! Did you say develop?  What are we developing?  I meant to say grow.  Now what are we growing?  This sounds very suspicious!  Okay, let's just say that it's a writing exercise.  Wait how can we exercise our writing?  It's not like a muscle or something is it?  I thought that it was just words put on paper or in this case words put to a screen?  Besides, who writes anymore?  Isn't it all just regurgitate words over again?  Nothing original, just someone else's thoughts, rehashed?

No, that's not what I'm saying at all.  Look it's even in the title of this post "Writing Exercise"!  How do you explain that?  Listen, calm down and let me do what needs to be done.  All this bickering is getting us nowhere and we are going there faster than I care to go.  How can we go nowhere fast when nowhere is actually nowhere, so technically it's impossible to get there and we can't get there any faster at any point in time? Okay, okay.  I concede.  Your questions have hounded me enough to throw in the towel and surrender.  It's a writing exercise to see what's in my head and to put it to words to see what comes of it.  Maybe I will find a novel in all this mess that runs around in my head or maybe I won't.  That's for me to find out and for you to just let me get there on my on.  Can you be satisfied with that explanation and just leave me alone for now? Sure that sounds acceptable.  No guarantee I won't come back to visit sometime later on, though.  That will just suit me fine, as long as you can let me be right now so I can see what's rolling around in my head.  Now that we have that out of the way, let's see where we go from here.

There was a time....No that's not how to start.  It was a dark and stormy night....too cliche.  Where do I about in the beginning and then go from there?  In the beginning has been done before, too.  Just saying.

I'm going back to "There was a time" and start with that.

There was a time.  Maybe in the future or maybe in the past, it all depends on when you are reading this.  So there was a time that a man appeared.  He showed up on top of a rock that was on top of a very tall deciduous (pine or cedar can't make it out from here) tree that was on the edge of a forest that happened to be on a very tall cliff over looking the sea.  Which sea, we don't know from this vantage point either, but if you've seen one sea you've seen them all.  It's all salt water anyway.  Now we aren't sure where this man came from either since our view is a little obstructed and there are a lot of trees in a forest.  Also we don't exactly know how the boulder came to be on top of the tree either.  There's a lot to be taken at face value for right now until we can get some better information.  We shall see if we can get any better information shortly, but since this is all we know this is all you get for know.  Stay tuned for updates.  In the mean time, what I can tell you is that this gentleman, well let's call him a person since we don't know his general disposition, is staring out to sea at two things, okay maybe three things.  One is the sun either rising or setting.  We don't know which since we just got here ourselves, only moments ahead of you the reader.  Two is a ship on the water. Can't tell what kind, 'cause it's too far away.  Three is some very nasty storm clouds near the ship.  Don't know if they are coming or going either.  You know for a narrator/writer you certainly don't know a lot about this event, or scene or moment, do you?  Well do you?  No.  Okay then, don't quibble with me right now, it's not helpful.  For now, just know that this is what we have to work with and more will be coming.  I still need to track down this persons' origin and place of residence.  Since we need more information we will leave it here for know and come back to fill in more blanks as soon as we can.

Jesus vs. Christ

This might seem odd, but I feel that society/satan/the world are trying to minimize Jesus.  If you really think about it we know for a fact that his name is Jesus.  J-E-S-U-S!  It's not Christ, which is his title, and His last name is not Christ.  We honor Jesus at this time of the year by taking an old pagan holiday and Christianizing it and calling it Christmas.  Mass for the Christ.  It's a mass for the only Savior (Christ), Messiah of the world.  It's His title, not a part of His name.  It would be like calling me Marc Network Administrator.  Or calling me Network Administrator.  We do give people honorary titles, do show respect sometimes, like boss, chief, chef, mother, father, pastor, brother, sister, friend, but why do we not call them by their title all the time.  We have names and sometimes we take the time to not use people's names so much to the point that we forget their real name.

We are slowly replacing Jesus with Christ in a lot of our speech.  We say "come to know Christ", "Christ came to set us free", "the only way to heaven is through Christ", and many other ways.  It just feels like we are trying to cover up Jesus with a title so we don't say His name any more.  The only way it's said no a ways is with irreverence or as a curse or in a derogatory way.  We can't seem to keep Jesus in Christmas, because we are to busy trying to keep "Christ" in Christmas.  Jesus is the reason for the season, not Christ.  We took Jesus out of Christmas before we got into trying to take "Christ" out of Christmas and wishing everyone a Happy Holiday.  You can keep Christ out of Christmas for all I care.  I want to keep Jesus in Christmas and keep it that way.  I will continue to say Merry Christmas, because this is the reason we have Dec. 25th.   It's not about Boxing day or Kwanzaa, both are not as old as Christmas which dates back to 336AD.  We are talking about the opportunity to celebrate the birth of the Savior of the World and we bicker about His title more than what the day is about.  Atheists want to remove it from the calendar along with Easter.  What are they so afraid of?  That's it right and they are wrong?  You can't remove the celebrations to fix your feelings.  It will always be there no matter what and it will always be the only way to be free and live.  Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life.  There is no other way.  The sooner you learn that and live by it the better.

My point is just this.  Jesus is the person to worship.  The one who is part of the great Three In One of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Not His title of Savior, Messiah or Christ.  We are here to show the Love of Jesus, not Christ.  We are Brothers and Sisters of Jesus, Children of the Living God.  Why can't we use his name with respect instead of degradation?  It's with respect that we call others by their name.  We need to do the same with Jesus and not keep using His title.