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Our Journey in Life is more than we allow it to be.
We must all Be Ourselves to really enjoy what's all around us.
Take hold and learn from Life and Others.

I Follow the Way of Jesus.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hammered Dulcimer is Awesome!

I remember hearing Hammered Dulcimer back in the days when I would listen on occasion to Rich Mullins.  I just did not know what it was.  I think I thought it was a harpsichord.  But little did I know it what it really was.  I am so glad I finally found out what it was, because then I went and tried one, and then I had to go and buy one.  Now I play Hammered Dulcimer!  I don't play like the professionals, but I play well enough.  I enjoy playing and it brings satisfaction to me and it brings enjoyment to my wife.  It is a wonderful thing to learn and play an instrument.  It is healthy, fun and all around a joy and a blessing.  Thank you GOD for the wonderful gift of music you gave your creation.  Thank you GOD for the gift you have given me that I can learn and play a musical instrument.

Like I said......Hammered Dulcimer is AWESOME!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

10th Anniversary

My wife and I are celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary this month.  With that wonderful milestone comes some reflection.

The two of us have grown a lot.  We have changed a lot in the last 10 years and that is such a good thing.  We have both grown a lot and have become closer and more open to each other.  It has been a wonderful Journey so far.  We have been together through thick and thin, through good times and through bad times.

I know that I have grown and changed a lot myself.  I can also see a lot of change in my wife too.  We both treat each other better and a lot more respectfully.  I can see that things are going to continue to change for us.  I am so excited about what the next year has to hold.  I am hoping that it is better than this year.

To all that want to know their spouses better, open up  and communicate.  It is the key to a Happy Marriage.