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Friday, December 28, 2012

Pastoral Candidacy

I have applied to become a Pastor.  So I am in the process of Candidacy for becoming a Pastor.  It is a long process and it takes filling out a lot of forms and writing up a lot of information.  I hope that my family can survive and that I have the patience needed.

We will see. . .

Here is where I am in the process so far.  I have declared my intent and asked to be admitted to the Candidacy program.  Now I just have to write up my Call and my official request for admission to the Candidacy program.  In the mean time I am filling in a lot of forms online, with more to to and assistance needed from my wife.

This is going to be interesting.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

God's Call

God has sent out a Broadcast to the world.  He is calling out to everyone.  Rich or Poor, Young or Old, Big or Small, Short or Tall, Good or Bad, Every Race, Creed, Color or Gender.  

Will you Answer the Call?

Two days after Christmas 2012...snow storm!

Well Hello There,

It's the post-Christmas snow storm. It started last night and continued into this morning and a bit sporadically through out the day. I shoveled about 10 inches this morning to just leave my front door of my apartment. It was beautiful and I just really enjoyed the beauty of it all. As I was shoveling out my car also, that was an adventure in it's own right, I noticed someone who was shoveling out their car from a side road at my complex. I wasn't sure if they needed help, so I kept at my clearing out of my car. When I was done, they were still trying to get their car unstuck, so I went over and lent a hand. It was the least I could do. After several minutes we finally got a chunk of wood under the one tire that was spinning and got the car unstuck. That was an adventure also.

Driving to work was slow and steady at about 50-55 miles an hour. I was apparently braver, or crazier, than others, because I kept passing people. I just kept driving straight and just kept passing everyone. It was a safe drive the whole way. Now I'm just looking forward to getting done with work so I can go home and spend time with my family.

Christmas was wonderful as we got to spend time with my Grandma and a friend of the family.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Church vs. State

Just before I left High School I found a need for a Bible Study.  But since you can't cross Church and State, I had to find a legal way to have one.  I enlisted the help of the Bill Graham Society and there views on the matter and after reading over some legal papers on what was allowed and what wasn't allowed I approached a Teacher with the proposition. He suggested I have a talk with the principal and I did.  After some discussion in which I agreed that I would be the one holding the meeting and not a teacher, it was agreed that as long as it was not run by a teacher it was okay.

I had to jump through hoops to make a Bible Study during lunch hour a reality.  Just because Church and State regulations.  I didn't see the reason behind it then and I still don't see the reason behind it now.  I am a professing Christian, a Follower of Jesus, a Disciple, and an Apostle.  I am currently being mentored to be a Pastor.  I don't see why there needs to be such a divide between what can and can not be done in Schools when it comes to religious freedom.  Nowadays it is only right and acceptable for teachers to discuss all different forms of religion in public schools when those topics arise.  If the teacher is even allowed to discuss the topic of religion.

It isn't that we have taken God out of the Schools or that we have prevented Him from being involved in the Public school system, it's that we mentally block all that God is from being present.  God is not someone you can keep out of a location.  You can ignore God, but He is still there.  God was there in China and in Connecticut and He felt the pain, He felt the agony of what the victims and the attackers.  He witnessed it and was hurt by the outcome.  Someone may ask, "Why didn't God stop it?"  I would ask "Do you stop everything little thing from happening to your child each and every day?"  No of course not.

God has given us free will.  We make choices each and every day.  Some of them bad and some of them good.  I don't claim to know the mind of God, but as a parent I know what I can and can't do for my child.  I can't shield him from everything.  I can't stop him from being hurt or from hurting others.  It happens and I can't protect him from every little thing.  What I can do it try to train him for what is right and wrong and direct his way so that when he grows up it he will continue to do what is right.

I believe God has given us that same option and responsibility.  We are allowed to make mistakes and we for the most part know what is right and wrong.  We also know what is the way to live that is right and we know where to find the instruction manual, (The Bible).  God is right there beside us each and every day, whether we like it or not and whether we believe in Him or not.  You can refuse to believe in God and you can believe in something like evolution, which takes more faith than believing in a God who created everything and loves us and wants the best for us.

We never kicked God out of schools, we just started ignoring Him.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Meteor Shower, God is Awesome!

Last night my family went outside around 8 pm to see the Geminid or Piscid Meteor Shower.  Since they're both happening at the same time frame, not sure which or of it was both that we saw.

Take a look here for more information about the meteor showers.

Anyways, my son saw his first Meteors that night.  He is 11 and it was so special to have him see something that God planned.  God set in motion such wonderful and amazing things to see that I can't believe some people don't believe in divine creation.

We saw about a dozen and are planning on going out again tonight after we see the Hobbit.  I think it will be awesome and I just can't wait for both the Hobbit and so see more Meteors.

What was even better was that this morning I went for my 2 + mile jog and when I stepped of the front stoop and looked up I saw another streak over head.  During my jog, I checked the sky every so often, but nothing that I could catch.  After my jog I turned around just in time to see the biggest Meteor go streaking over our Apartment complex and break up.  It was a slow one, large and bright and it broke up at the end just before it went out.  So I saw two other chunks light up and then go out.

God is so Totally Awesome!