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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Parents who home school are one in a million...

My wife is home schooling our child.  She started early and he has not been to public school at all.  Except to visit where his father works.  I have it on good information that home schooled students are also one in a million. 

My son is in 3rd Grade and is 8 years old.  He is doing very good in school.  His mother teaches him and they just started doing a journal writing exercise this morning.  He wrote seven sentences and wrote some words that we were surprised he knew how to spell correctly.  He is doing very well.  I am very proud of him and his mother for all the hard work they do, in which they are educating each other each day.

I really think that more students should be home schooled.  It will lower attendance at public schools, but that will help students in public schools learn better too.  Since the class rooms won't be so overcrowded.

More Home Schooling is needed, because Home Schooling Rocks!


  1. Homeschooling would not be possible without the love and support I get each day from my wonderful husaband.

  2. I agree homeschooling 'rocks'!! It is such a blessing to have been homeschooled one's whole life.