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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Plunge or not...

Have you ever wanted to jump over the side? You know take a plunge?  Just do something that may seem irrational to some, but quite logical to others.  I sometimes have moments where I want to do something like that.  I know someone else who did a plunge, a leap over the side, someone who fell and lived to tell us all about it.  His name?  Well you might already know the name depending on your outlook on life.  Let me tell you a little about this person before I give out their name.

He fell in love.  He fell in regards to that love.  He took a leap off the highest point ever.  He was older than anyone here now, before now and in the future.  Took a lot of flack from others who could not understand the reason for what he did.  You know what that is like don't you?  Doing something because you know its right, but getting put down by others about it.  Others just don't understand.  Well a long time ago that is exactly what happened to this man.  He did what others did not expect and was ridiculed for it.  They wanted one thing and he gave them another.  Just like a politician.  The only difference was he was no politician, at least not in the usual sense.

He understood people better than any else has ever.  I don't mean like con artists or anyone else who is into understanding people to get something from them, like a politician or a lawyer or con artists, and the like.  I mean he really understands what makes people tick, what we are all about, what we want, what we need.  He knows us better than ourselves.  He could have been anyone, he could have made himself into being famous, rich, ruler of all, you name it.  Nothing was withheld from him.  Yet he did not aspire to greatness like we know it.  He had a different view and he shared that with us too.

Do you have a clue yet?  He is famous.  Really, Honest, not kidding!

I mean for him to fall, to take that leap, to plunge in meant to be vulnerable.  Vulnerable to lots of thinks including pain and it hurt for him to fall.  It hurt him all his life in ways we can never understand.  I can not imagine hurting all my life.  I know there are some people that all they can remember of their life is pain, either physical or emotional.  I have had some pain and hurt in my life and I can still remember the good times and the bad with equal difference.  

He is Jesus.  And he fell in love with mankind and with each and everyone of us.  So much so that he fell from heaven and came to earth to feel what we feel and to live out life here like we do.  He experienced it all and yet He still loved us enough to die for us, to sacrifice Himself for us.  With all the choices He could have made He made the one that we would not have made.  Everyone at that time thought that the Messiah should come in strength and fight.  But Jesus came in Love instead.  A much more powerful ally and a much more powerful way to accomplish for all what could not be accomplished any other way.

I praise the name of Jesus, because without Him I would have no future.  Because of Him I have a future and a hope and a life that will never end.  It will end on this earth, but I will be in Heaven forever after.  

Thank you Jesus for taking the plunge, the fall, the dive that none of us could make and for rescuing us in that act of Love.

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  1. Absolutely Beautiful Marc!! Can I share this on my blog? You should share this at church. It is very well written. Wonderful way to describe what Jesus has done for us. Jesus took a huge risk and I hope He is glad that he took the risk. Amen!