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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Writing Exercise Part 3 - First Person

I'm Tobias Kefer.  I'm the person these two guys are talking about.  Since they have no idea what's going on with me and are doing a terrible of job of narrating, I figure I better just take over and get things set straight for you the reader.  Hey! We resemble that remark.  How come you get to explain everything to everyone.  Isn't that the job of the narrator(s)?  Yes it is, but since you two don't know half of what's going on I thought I would step in before this becomes some strange mess that needs some cleaning up.  Serious cleaning up at this rate. We can do the job, it's just that it's our first time doing this and we aren't entirely sure how to begin and where to go with this.  That's okay, I understand, but sometimes the narrator needs to be quiet and at all times the narrator needs to know everything about everyone and know what's going on at all times.  What kind of narrator(s) would you be if you didn't know the ins and outs of everything going on in the story.  Seriously?  So why don't I self narrate for a little bit and you guys can fill in the gaps?  Does that sound like a plan or not?  Silence......Thinking........Grbgrbgrbgrbgrb.......Whispering.......Conversing........Discussing........I think you have a deal.....under one condition if you don't mind?  Let me hear it and we will see.  That we reserve the right to jump back in when appropriate and add to the story as needed.  We figure while you are telling your part we can take some time and do some research and get the other background information that you don't know about ready for the appropriate time.  How does that sound to you?  Acceptable.  I think we have a deal.  Great we'll get out of your hair and move along and allow you to tell what you need to tell.  We will be watching and keeping an eye on you.  No funny business now and keep it honest and don't slander us.  We're doing the best we can as first timers.  We just need a little more time to develop our background info.  Will do.  Enjoy the break and the time doing your research.  We will!

As I said before, I'm Tobias Kefer.  I live in the house they told you about and one thing you don't know as of yet is that I go out every morning before I eat to come to this tree and enjoy some quiet time watching the sunrise and enjoying the view.  I watch the boats come in and marvel at the wonder that God made all around us.  Usually I arrive well before sunrise and don't eat until I get back.  This morning is a bit unusual since this ship is trying to outrun the storm and if not it appears to be bringing it along with it.

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