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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Same Sex marriage

The title alone is enough to start people talking and thinking and wondering what do I have to say about something that the Supreme Court thinks they have the right to litigate over.  The laws of man don't amount to much when it comes to the laws of GOD, yet these elected officials are our law makers.

Where do I begin?  Well, my son and I always quote Lewis Carroll "Begin at the beginning, the King said, very gravely, and go on till you come to the end: then stop".  So I will do my best to start at the beginning and when I get to the end I will stop.

I read the Bible almost daily.  It is my devotional each day and I'm working through the book of Mark right now and I'm in chapter 10:1-12 right now.  Jesus talks about marriage and divorce.  Right there you probably know where I stand on Same Sex marriage.  It would be interesting to see your face right now as you read this, or if we were to talk face to face about this topic and you and I were to discuss this at length.  Would it take us minutes, hours or days of discussion?  Hmm...I wonder.  If you feel so inclined you can stop reading right after I state my position on this issue.  I leave that up to you and your curiosity or lack thereof.

My stance is that I'm Pro-Life on Abortion and I'm Pro-Marriage as a Man and Wife!  There you have it, that is my stance, but I'm not taking the time to write this just to state this position on this issue.  I want to offer some insight as to what GOD had in mind and what we as a world are putting aside.

First of all nowhere in the Bible does it advocate a Man and a Man being together.  It clearly states that this is against the normality of life and what GOD created.  No where in the Bible does it state that a Woman being with another Woman is acceptable either.  Neither is any type of sexual intimacy with Man and animal or Woman with animal.  All these are clearly stated in the Bible (GOD's Word) to be abominations against what GOD set forth for how people should live their lives.

Secondly, every mention of any of these acts is considered a Sin and is punishable by death.  In the Bible that death is immediate upon finding out that this is happening.  After Jesus came it meant that continuing in Sin will lead to eventual death since living in Sin, prevents one from going to heaven.

Seriously this is pretty straight forward.  Sin = Death.  The only real trouble we have these days is that people don't believe this anymore.  They think that everyone's way of thinking is right.  No one is wrong and we can all have a happily ever after.  That is the biggest lie that Satan has perpetrated on this generation.  Nothing that anyone says that contradicts the bible is acceptable.  The simplest truth is that what the Bible says is undisputed, accurate and correct and cannot be denied as being what we all should be following.  The Lie is that everyone is right and no one is wrong and the Bible is just an old out of date book that is too strict, too conservative, too restrictive and not liberal enough.

Jesus said that "What therefore GOD has joined together, let not man separate." Do you realize that only what GOD sanctions is going to last or stand the test of time.  It is GOD's foundation that shapes this world, shapes our lives and gives us the Freedom to be Free under his Will.  No Same Sex marriage will ever stand the test of time, because GOD does not stand for it or support it.  The Bible is very clear on this and no amount of Laws or decisions by people can change GOD.  The only thing that can stand the test of time is that which GOD supports.  All others will just fade away.  GOD does allow us to make our own mistakes.  This is one of many in our long line of mistakes, including the 1973 Abortion decision.

Someday the Judgement from GOD will be dealt on this people.  In the mean time we must live with our mistakes and this one will scar our generations for many years.

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