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Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Salvation . . . The Eyes of Jesus

Salvation in the Christian Faith is based upon the trust in the truth of the Cross and the Resurrection. I trust that what the Bible says about the Cross and the Resurrection, coupled with my faith is the truth about my salvation. Jesus sacrificed Himself for me and for everyone in an act that is once for all time.

We have that truth. I trust that truth. Jesus is my cornerstone, my rock, my firm foundation. Upon which I will build my house. My house being my life, my journey through life, my understanding of things around me and of things visible and invisible.

I want to share that first.  So that you may understand where I am coming from a little better.  Jesus ate with sinners and talked with everyone.

We as Christians have been developing an attitude toward others. We figure that if you call yourself a Christian and you swear, drink, smoke, than you are not really a Christian. But Jesus taught us that Christians come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes. We are really using our gift/curse of judging others, based on what we see and not on what God sees.

I am guilty of that and am trying to change that attitude in me. I am trying to be less judgmental and more understanding. I want there to be less of me and more of Jesus.

I want the Eyes and Mind of Jesus, so that I can see what GOD sees, not what I see.

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