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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bril is fine.

I don't want to scare my family.  So I have decided to keep Bril at work and do the best I can for now.  I want him to be safe and secure and he is so cute that I don't want to let him go.  Maybe after some more training and some time to take care of him, I will bring him home as a pet.

I found some old parts and junk that are safe, but things he can chew on or play with.  Bril seems so tame.  He even seems like he can understand me, when I talk to him.  It is strange seeing him look at me like he knows what I am saying.  He is such a good looking mouse.  He is mostly black with little gray streaks around his face.  He is almost 8.5 inches from nose to tail.  His tail is mostly gray.  Bril seems in fine condition for a mouse and the lettuce and other odds and ends that I get for him he eats up well.  He almost seems happy at times.  Like he knows he is safe and I am not going to hurt him.

I wonder if the leak on the passenger side floor is how he got into the car.  I have noticed that when it is really wet outside that side of the car seems to get a wet spot on the floor.  He must have been sleeping the engine compartment and then had no place to go when I left for work.  So I ended up driving him all the way to work.  I am glad I drove Bril to work.  He is a cute mouse and I like him.  I will have to check that spot out.  I don't think I want any more mice coming in the car.

Maybe I should buy a cage and see if he likes that.  Then I can take him home and we can keep him as a pet mouse.  Once in awhile I close the door to my office and very carefully, when no one is around, I take him out of the box and play with him.  He does seem tame enough.  I want to teach him some tricks and see what happens with that.  I think he is smart enough, but I don't know for certain.  Just a feeling I have.  We will see.  In the mean time I can't tell the family.  My wife thinks I'm nuts and my son thinks its a great story.  I don't think either one believes me.  That's okay.  I know the truth.  :-)

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