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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who is Bril?

This is a little start to something that happened recently.  I am hoping that all turns out well and this little friend turns out well.

You see I found a mouse the other day that had stowed away in my car.  I think the mouse was sleeping in the engine compartment, because of the cold.  I am not sure how it found a way into the passenger's seat down on the floor.  There must be a hole there.  I am going to call him, I guess this mouse will be a male, so he will be called Bril.  So, Bril the mouse was running around the inside of my car, any and every place he could get to.  This was after I had driven all the way to work.  It took me a good 5 minutes to catch the little guy.  He ran up the seats and under the seats and all over the place.  When I did catch him I tucked him in a pocket of my jacket.  I didn't want him to get cold staying in my car all day and I was afraid to let him out.  He might get caught by something and eaten, since this was not his home area.

I made sure to calm him down before putting him in a jacket pocket.  I did not want him getting out of control and hurting him self in there.  I took him into my school and found an old box to keep him in.  It worked great, I just had to get some food from the cafeteria.  I didn't know when his last meal was, but I wanted to make sure that Bril was well looked after.  I figured if he survived the day I could take him home and maybe let him go, or maybe he would like to stay as a pet.  I kept him hidden and talked quietly to him all through out my day.  It was nice having someone to talk with that wasn't human.  It was just different since he can't understand me and doesn't understand what goes on with humans.

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