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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stories of Life. . . .

Stories are fascinating.  Stories are interesting.  Stories are cool.  Every night we read a part of a story to our son.  Sometimes he reads a part of a story to us.  We take turns reading different books.  When one book is done it is someone elses turn to read a book and around it goes.  I enjoy stories and sometimes I even enjoy making them up.

Now I saw this building for the first time earlier this week on my way home.  I had decided to take a detour and go home a slightly different way, at least for part of the trip.  See how a story can get interesting right away.  Where was I, oh yeah.  This building that I took a picture of.

I wonder how long ago it was now.  It must be over 50 years ago that the tree burned down that was there.  Struck by lightning it was.  It burnt down and the owner had the stump taken out and it left a big hole.  The hole was a good 10 feet around.  The owner missed that tree.  His name was Andrew.  He decided to fill in the hole and build a shed.  The shed has been up ever since.  It has stood there collecting snow and creatures.  Did you know that under the shed, in the hole that the tree once stood in, there lived a mouse, a gopher and a whole slew of crickets.  After the shed got build on the filled in hole they came out and looked around.  The decided to move in to the shed, but that was not going to be happening any time soon.  Andrew had put windows and a door, but not one that animals could open.  And besides the shed had tools and other odds and ends.  Where would animals live in a place filled with tools and odds and ends for keeping land clear?  Not a very likely home.  So they decided to wait and found new homes under and around the shed.

More to come. . . .

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