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Friday, December 14, 2012

Meteor Shower, God is Awesome!

Last night my family went outside around 8 pm to see the Geminid or Piscid Meteor Shower.  Since they're both happening at the same time frame, not sure which or of it was both that we saw.

Take a look here for more information about the meteor showers.

Anyways, my son saw his first Meteors that night.  He is 11 and it was so special to have him see something that God planned.  God set in motion such wonderful and amazing things to see that I can't believe some people don't believe in divine creation.

We saw about a dozen and are planning on going out again tonight after we see the Hobbit.  I think it will be awesome and I just can't wait for both the Hobbit and so see more Meteors.

What was even better was that this morning I went for my 2 + mile jog and when I stepped of the front stoop and looked up I saw another streak over head.  During my jog, I checked the sky every so often, but nothing that I could catch.  After my jog I turned around just in time to see the biggest Meteor go streaking over our Apartment complex and break up.  It was a slow one, large and bright and it broke up at the end just before it went out.  So I saw two other chunks light up and then go out.

God is so Totally Awesome!

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