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Monday, February 8, 2010

Back to Patience or is it Worry, or both....?

I am working on being patient with people and with things.  I placed an order last week and I am still waiting to hear what kind of time frame there is on this order.  I will be patient.  One because I have no other choice and two because it is the right thing to do and third because I can not move things along any faster by being impatient.  My family and I had a very nice weekend.  We walked 10 minutes from our house to feed ducks.  Ducks that we did not know where still going to be there or not.  And it was freezing cold.  We dressed warmly but that did not matter since it was so cold our faces, hands and legs got cold.  We wanted to get there fast, we wanted to hurry, we wanted to be done with it.

But you know what, we survived.  We got there, found the ducks and fed the ducks.  They came out of the water in the freezing cold and we fed them and walked away so they could eat.  It was fun, even if it was cold.  The water stays warm year round, never freezes and I don't know why, but I also don't really care since it keeps the ducks there and we can walk to them and feed them.  My only worry was that of my family getting too cold, other than that we had a great time and warmed up when we got home.

So I am worrying a little less and being a bit more patient.  Still working on it, each and every day.  I just have to take things in stride and just remember that it will all work out and can not be done any faster or sooner or worried about more to change things.

Speaking of change.  Today I changed I got a year older and I am okay with that.  I really don't feel my age.  Although being 37 does not mean that much to me.  I am still young looking and still feel young.  I thank my wife for a wonderful 11 years of being together, yes we met 11 years ago next month on the Internet and we have been married for just over 10 years now.  She keeps me young and helps keep me healthy.  She is a blessing and a wonderful friend and soul mate.  Thank you Rebecca for being there for me through everything and being so wonderful to me.

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  1. You have made it so easy to be with you. It is my privilege to be with you these 11 years. I'm looking forward to at least 30 more years with you. Waiting is hard especially when your not sure what direction to go in. But God is in control and we can just keep taking it a day at a time.