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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time With God

How I feel on a Day
 without the Word of God.
I have learned that the more time I spend with God the more I want it when I don't spend time with Him.  I have also found out that when I spend time with God two things happen.  One is life seems so much more peaceful and smooth and comfortable to work through.  The other thing is that Satan tries to wreck life more and get things to be more a chore than they could be, adds stress and worry and tries to generally be a real pain in life.

So I know things are going well when he rears his evil head and tries to mess things up and add stress and worry.  I also know that I enjoy reading the Bible on a daily basis and listening to what God has to say through His Word.  I try to read the Bible each day and if it speaks to me, great.  When I just read it I am blessed not matter what the Word says.  Time with God is the most important thing to living life.

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