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Our Journey in Life is more than we allow it to be.
We must all Be Ourselves to really enjoy what's all around us.
Take hold and learn from Life and Others.

I Follow the Way of Jesus.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I like to read and I like to imagine things, stories if you will.  I also like to write.  I just have a hard time writing all that I want to say and all that I need to say.  Sometimes I even have just a hard time putting down on paper, or the screen what it is that I want to say.  I enjoy writing, but sometimes just can't seem to continue with the writing enough to get any place with it.  So I am hoping that someone will notice this and have a suggestion or two.  In the mean time, this is something I plan on doing this year.

Being more creative is the long hall, the short summary of my strive for 2011.  That encompasses so much.  It includes practicing more on Hammered Dulcimer, Writing more, Drawing more, Creating more of anything.  So there is a simple goal for 2011.  I hope to follow through with it and will just see where life leads.

Later all.  Enjoy the New Year.  Amen.

Happy New Year once again.

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