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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dulcimers and Family

I have the best family in the world.  I am practicing My Country Tis of Thee for a school assembly for music month.  I am also practicing Lamb of God for an Easter service.  My wife made me practice for half and hour with out talking to me or allowing me to talk to her.  That was so nice.  I am using my new Warbler with the extended bass bridge it makes thing more interesting and more challenging.  The sound is so full and it is such a beautiful instrument.  I thank my wife and my God.  My wife for the instrument and my God for the skill to learn to play it.  Now if I can only learn faster.  :-)

To top it all off.  My wife helps with my playing by telling me I am playing too hard or too fast.  She lets me know what sounds good and when I am sounding better.  She is wonderful to me.  I can say that I could not do what I do without her support.

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