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Friday, March 26, 2010

ZOOM H2 Portable Recorder

I just bought this about a week ago.  It is an excellent recorder for the price.  It has great bang for the buck.  I got it for about $140 at  It came with a 1GB card and that can record up to 6 hours of MP3's.  I have since used it to record my lesson that I have once a week for Hammered Dulcimer and I recorded the worship service at my Church last weekend.  It worked great, I just need to find a better place for it to be.  The accessories that come with made it perfect for me to start recording and transfer straight to my computer.  I think the ZOOM H2 Handy Recorder is an excellent out of the box recorder for going professional right away.  It even does 2 channel and 4 channel stereo, also front and back 90 to 120 degrees.  It does an excellent job and is well worth the money.  The benefits are awesome.

If you want an inexpensive hand held recorder with lots of accessories this is the one for you.  I can't say enough about it.

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